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Real Estate Transaction Attorneys in Burlington, VT

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Telephone: (802) 657-7225


Telephone: (802) 657-7239


Telephone: (802) 657-7247

Our diversified practice includes representation of sellers and purchasers of commercial, office, industrial and residential properties, construction and permanent lenders, construction contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, landlords and tenants, title insurers, brokers, engineers and surveyors.


We work with apartment developers, property subdividers and builders; hotel and motel developers and operators; resort developers and operators; and developers of common interest and timeshare communities.


Developing a Vermont property -- from single family home to mixed-use/multi-ownership -- can be complex and confusing.  We have extensive experience with Vermont’s land use use (known as Act 250), as well as subdivision, stormwater and wetlands regulations.  We work closely with local zoning, development review and planning boards and commissions and represent parties in administrative hearings and in the Environmental Unit of the Vermont Superior Court.


We take care to structure transactions to minimize tax liabilities and to mitigate the challenges presented by Vermont’s unusual combination of land gains taxes, statewide education taxes and non-resident income tax withholding requirements.

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