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Entity Selection

One of the most commons questions in business law is: Which type of business entity is right for me? The answer depends on a number of factors — including the size and type of business, desired tax attributes, number and class of owners, number of employees, etc. From the simple to the complex, our corporate attorneys can help sift through these considerations and thereby ensure that your business starts off on a solid footing.

Entity Formation

Once the type of business entity has been determined, we can help with its implementation. Depending on the entity selected, we can assist with documentation and all necessary state and federal filings, as well as the creation of the initial records that memorialize the creation of your business.


Business Transitions: If you are the owner of a business, large or small, one fact is certain — you will eventually transition your business, one way or another. How that transition will occur is within your control — but only if you properly plan in advance. To assist you, we have devoted an entire website to questions regarding the ultimate transition of your business. For more information, visit

Owners’ Agreements: For many businesses, new or established, the owners often neglect to memorialize their agreement regarding future events. What happens when an owner dies?¬†Becomes disabled? What is the exit strategy for the owners as they near retirement? The failure to address these common issues often leads to unnecessary controversy, expense and even litigation. A well-crafted owners’ agreement can prevent these complications by providing a written road map for the future of the business. We can guide you through the process of preparing an agreement that fits your needs.

Mergers/Acquisitions: If you are contemplating the acquisition of a business, the initial stages of the negotiation are critical. A letter of intent, a memorandum of understanding, due diligence, and negotiation of the purchase agreement are often critical to a successful business acquisition. We can help you avoid costly missteps. Once agreement is reached regarding the terms of the acquisition, we can provide the expertise needed to see the transaction to its conclusion.

Contracts: Written agreements are an everyday part of operating a business. Our corporate attorneys have a depth of experience negotiating, drafting and reviewing all of the different types of agreements that are encountered in the business world: Leases, equipment contracts, licenses, mortgages, lines and letters of credit, employment agreements, promissory notes, incentive compensation arrangements, and more.

Merideth Chaudoir, LL’s intellectual property attorney, can help your business with issues regarding branding, trademarks and tradenames. Contact Merideth if you have any questions regarding this area of the law (Intellectual Property).


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