$1.4 Million Dollar Verdict

On April 29, 2010, after a week long trial in Windham County, Bill Leckerling obtained a $1.4 million verdict for his client, Vantage Point Homeowners Association, against The Stratton Corporation. The jury found that Stratton, as the developer, failed to construct the exterior walls and other components of the Vantage Point condominium in a good and workmanlike manner. The jury also found that Stratton, as the real estate broker, violated Vermont’s Consumer Fraud statute by making deceptive and negligent representations about the exterior walls and other attributes of the buildings. Finally, the jury agreed with the Association’s claim that Stratton breached its management contracts with Vantage Point when it failed to notify the Association of the problems with the exterior wall for the 22 years it managed the Association’s property. The jury awarded all of the damages sought by the Association, which included all of the expenses incurred in reconstructing its buildings. In light of the jury’s finding that Stratton violated Vermont’s Consumer Fraud statute, the Association is also entitled to recover the attorney’s fees incurred in pursuing the case against Stratton.

This verdict is the second jury verdict in excess of $1 million that Bill has attained for a homeowners’ association against a property developer. In 2006, Bill represented another association in its suit against a developer for the negligent construction of its buildings. In that case, a Bennington County jury awarded Bill’s client $3.3 million in damages. For a complete write-up of the proceedings, you can access the court report here.

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