Corporate Law: Resolving Business Disputes

Our firm has a long history of guiding businesses in the successful resolution of disputes.  Whether your business is subject to a breach of contract, the victim of a business tort, or charged with a wrongdoing against another, our skilled advisers will help you resolve the dispute in an efficient and effective manner.  If the matter cannot be resolved without resorting to litigation, our attorneys will employ their extensive experience litigating business disputes in Vermont’s state and federal courts.  The litigation process includes filing, or responding to, a lawsuit, conducting discovery, making or responding to pre-trial motions, and engaging in mediation or other alternative dispute resolution when appropriate.  Finally, if the case cannot be settled, we will try the case before a judge or jury.  Our firm will also handle all aspects of the post-judgment proceedings, including any appeals and enforcement of the judgment.

Following is a sample of the disputes which we can help you resolve:


We have experience handling contractual disputes across a wide range of industries and business types.  Whether your contractual dispute involves a purchase and sale, services, construction and development, partnership and corporate matters, or a transaction under the Uniform Commercial Code, we can assess the legal duties of the parties to the contract and advise you on how to proceed.

Business Torts

If your business is charged with causing harm to another, or is subject to harm, we can help.  Our firm has handled many cases involving allegations of improper conduct in business transactions, including bad faith and unfair dealing, fraud, negligent and intentional misrepresentations, interference with contractual relations and claims under Vermont’s consumer fraud act.  These types of claims may be asserted in connection with a breach of contract, or they may stand alone.  Whatever the circumstance, we will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case and determine how best to protect, or serve, your business interests.

Real Estate/Land Use

Our firm has extensive experience handling all types of cases involving real property.  It is not uncommon in Vermont for landowners to disagree on boundary lines, easement use, water rights, proposed development of property and a host of other property law issues.  Unfortunately, these types of disputes sometimes require legal intervention when landowners cannot reach an agreement on their own.   Our team will evaluate your case, work with experts if needed, such as land surveyors and civil engineers, and walk you through every step of the process until we reach a resolution.

For more than 70 years, both large multinational companies and small family-owned businesses have been seeking legal representation at our firm.  If you have a business dispute, give us a call and we will discuss the appropriate course of action.

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