Initial Consultation

Free Initial Consultation/ Contingency Fee
You will not be charged anything for the initial discussion of your potential claim with Bill Leckerling or any of the other lawyers at Lisman and Leckerling, P.C.  Moreover, if after the initial consultation you and Lisman Leckerling, P.C. decide to investigate your claim, you most likely will be offered the option of a contingency fee arrangement with the firm.  A contingency fee arrangement means that the lawyer is not paid unless the client recovers from the responsible party.  Usually an injured person does not have the resources to pay a lawyer on an hourly basis for his or her time and the contingency fee arrangement allows a client to pursue a claim and pay the lawyer a percentage of the recovery for their fee at the time of resolution of the claim.

Case Review and Analysis
The initial review of the medical care at issue and the prompt and thorough analysis of a potential medical malpractice case are critical.  Bill’s 25 plus years of experience in handling medical negligence claim cases helps him to efficiently process all of the relevant facts and to frame the legal and medical issues.  Bill has successfully handled multiple cases involving complex medical issues, including negligent care which caused patients to die or suffer permanent brain injuries.  Whether your case is complex or straight–forward, the initial analysis is critical and should be handled by a lawyer experienced in handling malpractice cases.

Selection of Experts
Because a patient must prove the standard of medical care required for the proper treatment of their condition and that the defendant’s departure from that standard caused their injury, the selection and retention of the doctor who will testify in court in support of your claim is critical.   During Bill’s years of pursuing medical malpractice cases he has consistently been able to retain top experts affiliated with major university hospitals who have published concerning the issues relevant to the case in support of his client’s cases. Doctors often will agree to review a case for Bill because their colleagues have had a positive experience working with him in the past.

There is no substitute for experience with all aspects of litigation, including pre-suit preparation, discovery, trial preparation, mediation and trials.  Bill is Board Certified as a Civil Trial Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and has successfully led hundreds of clients through the litigation process.

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